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Men Hygiene Grooming Kit VI JOHN is the one stop solution for all his problems, VI JOHN KART. All our products are now available on our e-commerce website VI JOHN KART, from shaving creams and foams, men's grooming kit to a line of other grooming products targeted towards men. One such product is India’s Top Hair Removal Cream for Men called Masterstroke. The new Masterstroke hair removal cream will give every man the opportunity for a smooth and seamless hair removal experience. The 3 variants - Masterstroke Argan Oil, Masterstroke Olive Oil, and Masterstroke Jojoba contain skin-repairing properties and have rich hydrating qualities for men's thick skin. The pricing of this product is pocket friendly, unusual as grooming products generally are known to burn a hole in your pockets. All 3 variants are available on our e-commerce Vi-John Kart. The Masterstroke hair removal cream is specially formulated for men's coarse body hair and thick skin. The 3 variants are dermatologically tested to provide safe and smooth hair removal experience for men. Enriched with Aloe Vera extract, Masterstroke has properties that protect the skin from getting dehydrated and damaged. It has nourishing qualities that enhance the skin by giving it a natural boost. Jojoba acts as a natural skin conditioner. Argan oil hydrates and softens the skin, and Olive oil improves skin health to provide the ultimate look. The product's 3-minute formula is quick and easy-to-use to give men a hassle-free experience and give the skin a natural glow. Read More:
  • 2018-12-05T11:13:26

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