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Why Choose Master Stroke We at VI-JOHN are extremely happy to introduce to you India’s first and World’s No. 1 Men Hair Removal Cream – Master Stroke. What makes Master Stroke a special edition, is that the fact that it has natural healers that take away your body hair with more ease and precision. VI-JOHN’s Master stroke is specially crafted for men’s coarse body and thick skin. Master Stroke also lasts longer than shaving and is suitable for various skin types. VI-John’s Master Stroke works lightning fast and is formulated to give you top draw quality. How does it Work? VI-JOHN Master Stroke delivers 3 products in men hair removal cream range and each product is dermatologically evaluated. 1. Master Stroke Men Hair Removal Cream Olive is formulated to make your skin more hydrated and nourished. 2. Master Stroke Men Hair Removal Cream Jojoba enhances your skin quality and help avoid any kind of infection. Furthermore, it works as a natural skin conditioner. 3. Master Stroke Men Hair Removal Cream Argon Oil helps is softening of the skin. Argon has omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids, all of which ultimately moisturize and soften your skin. In addition, VI-JOHN’S Master Stroke leaves no odor or dark blotches over your skin. VI-JOHN’S Master Stroke is bound to give you a safe and seamless body hair removal experience. The products instant 3 minute formula makes removing body hair hassle-free and provides errorless results. For us, quality is foremost and the reason why people like our products is because our vision and quality is unambiguous. READ MORE:
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